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New direction of the website community

As stated on the front page, apparently to give the outside viewer the impression that “we” aka realvampirecommunity.org is a New site that is for networking and knows what we are doing as a community of practioners and beings who are, enlightened through blood/prana and dark/shadow and light/community – I will flourishing these pages with links, and resources that I think excel past anything I have yet experienced in the community(ities).
I will be updating the profile process sign in so that members who want to join, will know that we are the “new movement of community standard” and that we were created in 2013, in an effort to help form a better community one in which other real vampires were asked to participate, but did not do anything other than “Join the site”.
If you wanted to join and help – you would have. I am not talking about people with “Kids” who may or may not have them, in order to rub it in my face that they have a “family” — this is not the reason this is being done.When I see non community people slam vampires in general, it makes us all look bad. Therefore, I want to say “No thats not what we do — we do this.”
Therefore we have a place online for people to reference and join and say “Ok, I understand the phenomenon of this culture now..
 rather than not. 
Notes:The Sanguine, Sanguinarian parts of the forum and site will be abolished. Even though sanguines* (who may or may not actually be blood drinkers) have joined the site, they’ve not posted a damn thing, which lets me know they won’t. Therefore all Psi-Vamp, PsyVampyre and Sanguine will not be incorporated into the website community. Which will be allowed is is Elemental Vampire/Vampyre, Strigoi and other True form Names and spirituality and informations.
There will be comparisons between the two kinds of community, and it will not be pretty. Something will show up quickly, sanguines and psi vamps really never knew their beings, other than trend and it fizzled out in 2010 after new energy filled in the gaps that some were true form beings and some were not
This is the new status quo of the Real Vampire Community. Org (Website) and the Vampyres Society. Welcome – you get it now why we had to network everywhere and invite everyone we could, we still will, anyone is free to come, break from the old status quo and realize they were suffocating under the old ways of the ways sanguines stated that we had to be and as we had to live. (In the old community) Which speaking from their point of view, that was the way, as they spoke about their condition to everyone, writing from a first person pov, they stated one had to feed on blood or life essence every 14 days of average, which is almost 3 weeks of time per month. This is an unhealthy, and untrue falsehood. True energy vampires/strigoi only need to feed on energy twice a month and if dependent on physical blood sources, every three months. But blood sources are not recommended. 

Anyone feeding on blood every day in some forgotten century who was Strigoi would have been suffering from ailments he or she couldn’t heal normally with herbs and other forms of energy and things, or was abusive, or abusing to a donor or persons living in their homes or near to the home. Strigoi heal from ailments quite normally during a regular sleep cycle, over a three day period. Colds and allergies seemingly vanish over night, if the Strigoi is Fully awake, and transitioned into their “sphere or being”. Others can take ages to heal or to get better or well, but Strigoi suffer from bone, skeletal and skin/nervous disorders because they are very sensitive people/beings. Therefore, we are use to being in pain and can cope with discomfort and pains like no other in the world, above or below it.

Wall.Fm is down

Wall.fm is currently down and so is realvampirecommunity.org, It just went down at 8/19/2013 at 5:34 pm est – have no idea when they will be back online, keep reloading and I am going to attempt to let them know.


Everything is back online!



Have you seen or visited or listened in to BloodLitRadio.com yet?

Pretty awesome website and cool a radio station for Vampyres.

New Chat

I have disabled the tinychat we were using and have put up a Chatango.com Chat:

http://www.realvampirecommunity.org/chat2 It also has Video Chat and it allows things in real time as well but I just didn’t like the TinyChat Chat.

Chat Night

The weekends have been designated as official chat nights until people use chat regularly. I’d like us to be one of those sites that have people frequently on the site, using it all the time rather than having people “check in and look at their profile and blink at it allot” …… add some pics or videos or something, shit knock yourselves out!

Then people are always in the chat room or on the im bar, meaning people use realvampirecommunity.org or vampyre’s society, or thevampyressociety.org (up and coming) which is officially Vampyre’s Society as it’s just a better name than “Real Vampire Community Project”…. 

Something came up and three people expressed interest in the chat as I got over to facebook after I got done with what took me away from the chat, and I thank you for attempting to use the chat 😉 It’s open on weekends on the event calendar so feel free to sign up, come in and chill with the site, invite others..take it over lol


Vampyre’s Society – RVCP – Vampire Facebook – social networking

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